The Story of These Images

Inspired to create new work for an auto treatment due at the end of the week, car lifestyle shooter Caleb Kuhl pulled together this masterful test in a matter of hours, shot and had it retouched in a day. We loved it and wanted to share it with you. We grilled Caleb on what it took to pull this together.  

SR: What inspired this test?

Caleb: I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for auto bids, many of them based on a deck that’s city + auto inspired. After a recent request for a treatment I knew I needed some images that fit that aesthetic so I went out and shot these images.

SR: How were you able to pull this test together so quickly?

Caleb: Friends and Turo! I got the request for the treatment on Friday. I shot and retouched this shoot by Monday thanks to a good buddy of mine who helped me out.

SR: What do you love about shooting people with cars? 

Caleb: Well, I love shooting people and a car is a great “prop”, if you will, for the talent to interact with. People are so inherently connected with their automobiles, almost an extension of their selves,  so I think that connection makes it really easy for talent to be themselves and feel relaxed when shooting around a car.  This makes the whole shooting experience really fun!

To see more of Caleb's work:

Instagram: @CalebKuhl


To see more of Caleb's work click here.

Instagram @SternRep

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