We sat down w/ Oliver Paffrath, our newest addition to the SternRep team, to find out what most excites him about photographing cars and where he finds his inspiration.
When we saw Oliver's shot of the old silver Barracuda, reflecting in a body of water with vibrant green palm trees swaying in the background we knew we were in love and had to know more.
Oliver: I never liked shooting classic cars because it is so easy. You put an old Porsche somewhere and everybody loves it. Boooooring! But the BARRACUDA is a Classic that was new to me...I wanted an extraordinary car and found this one in Cape Town. It's absolutely one of my favorite shots too!
When asked why he loves shooting cars Oliver answered "Why cars, hmmm...yeah petrolhead, I gave my first Porsche to myself as my 30th bithday present. A 1973 in bahama yellow… amazing car!
But the truth is I just love shooting cars. I love the early mornings on a mountain, the helicopters and the big crews. But I also really love the people I get to work with. I think I found my passion when I began combining people with cars. 
Making a connection with the people, creating a good vibe on set, making everybody feel a part of the team...and then finding the best angle in a real life situation of the car and capturing that one magic moment…
Guess that explains it ((-;
By SternRep Team + Oliver Paffrath