Capturing the excitement of Volvo’s Polestar might seem a daunting assignment with the twin obstacles of West Coast wild fires and coast to coast Corona, but top automotive photographer/director Paul Barshon accepted the challenge with elegant results.  

Barshon scouted and found his own locations.  “We shot in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles over two weeks, but only had four shooting days.  We drove from SF to LA and for four hours we didn’t see any blue sky.  The whole trip was foggy with smoke.  I’d never seen anything that bad before.”

Urban locations can complicate any shoot, but the lockdown had some unexpected benefits.  “The empty streets in New York were amazing.”  Gotham’s wide range of eateries was an added bonus.  “We decided to eat a different country every night.  New York food is incredible.”

Like the Polestar, Barshon feels at home in the urban environment.  “My favorite is the tunnel shot.  Just because.”  Cheers, as Paul would say!

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