Sometimes the 'way of the world' changes and this time we had CGI take over the car world. 

When I first put the bid together for this project I just about stopped in my tracks when I heard how long this would be. 

“What? 3 months huh?”

Yes it actually took Paul Barshon on an intensive sitting at the computer with Toyota’s CG company for 3 months plus 2 days of live shooting to create 27 images. 

I asked Paul which was his favorite image. I love his response - “There’s a night shot of the car moving over a bridge with the city in the background. It’s hard to make these shots in CGI without the car looking plastic. I think we did a nice job of that shot!” 

CGI consulting is all about a car photographer's attention to detail to ensure that the car looks as realistic as possible.

Automotive photographer turned CGI consultant turned out to be a success! 


To view more of Paul's photography, check out his portfolio at and follow him on Instagram at @paulbarshon.