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About SternRep

About SternRep

Based in Los Angeles, SternRep is an international boutique-style agency representing a mix of commercial advertising photographers, motion directors, and CGI/animation artists in the product, food, beverage, automotive, still-life, pharma, tech, and lifestyle industries, among others.

Founder Andrea Stern opened shop in Venice in 1996 after attending Brooks Photo Institute, bringing with her a diverse creative professional background. 

This SternRep fast-paced creative artist management skillset was a natural spinoff from her previous experiences as a stills-on-set behind-the-scenes photographer on commercials and indie films and as a boxer, boxing coach, and female professional boxing manager. 

Our artist's representation business grew from one passion building on another with that same overall attitude addressing the business of photography from genuine, heartfelt dedication. 

The work we produce runs the gamut, suiting the needs of the present-day commercial advertising industry from social media video and motion, CGI with post consulting to GIFS and drone imaging. Known within the industry for talent recognition and bidding negotiation, SternRep brings together top photographers, directors, retouchers, and clients from their respective fields, offering each personalized care and service while building rewarding, long-term relationships. 

SternRep continues to grow as a company, forging ahead with timely expansion attuned to industry pivots; we know we have to match the 'world of advertising' full-on with the precision it takes to stay on top. Our neverending level of quality depends on our supportive staff overseen by SternRep's COO and Creative Director Ranee Vespi. LinkedIn +

We saw the need to share daily photography business experiences with the photo community, so in 2018 we took this step to develop AskSternRep Instagram and website platforms. AskSternRep is our opportunity to give back in a discussion format, sharing what we know to succeed in the current photo market. We supply free educational tips opening our doors to all photographers who want a rep agency pov to achieve a successful long-term career.

SternRep offers extra team support options: 

  • Temp Rep: Temporary representation of un-repped photographers who are bidding on projects and could use a rep's negotiation support.
  • Consulting: Portfolio and social media consultation, workshops, and coaching for photographers seeking our rep agency's perspective on the photo industry's most helpful showcasing strategies. 

No matter what we do at SternRep, it comes with that same aboveboard passionate sense to enjoy continuously moving ahead with the times. 

SternRep's client list includes: Apple, Google, Target, Beats by Dre, Pizza Hut, Michelob, Applebees,, Ring, BMW, Subaru, Hyundai, Pedigree, Kawasaki, Infiniti, Baja Fresh, Burger King, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Samsung, Pioneer, JBL, McDonald's, Acura, Honda, VW, Arby's, Domino's, PUR, Tabasco, Taco Bell, UPS Store, Intel, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, Harley Davidson, HTC, Nestle, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Becks, Shell, Good Life Dog Food, Pinkberry, Lexus, Old Navy, The Oscars, Patron, Wells Fargo, Hershey's, Oakley, Adidas, Vans, Cadillac, Ford, Jose Cuervo, Mercedes, Triumph Motorcycles, K-Swiss, Modelo, Mazda, Home Depot, Disney, CitiBank, Dr Pepper, and more.

We thank photographer Olivia Katz for her initial AskSternRep treasured inspiration in 2017. +

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Need a rep on your side?

Photographers BIDDING on a project or dealing with image licensing RENEWAL requests or COPYRIGHT issues may need a photo agent's guidance and negotiation support. I call this Temp Repping, where I become your rep voice to help get you the job while overseeing that you are protected and paid properly.

Temporary representation cases can happen as either; a) I advise you behind the scenes or; b) I step in to negotiate directly on your behalf, serving as the liaison between you and the client for the entirety of the job(s).

Cost: I charge 15-25% of your fees depending on each situation only if we get the job. There is no cost to you if we do not get the job; I get paid if you get paid. It's a win-win.

How to begin: Email me ([email protected]) a description of the project or the situation needing financial negotiation. I will determine if it's a situation where we can do well together, and then we will strategize our plan based on the specifics of each project.