A technodolly. An Arri Alexa mini camera. Leica Summilux lenses. Cooke lenses. Kessler second shooter dolly. A super scorpio 30 foot crane. A 15 x 40 foot Fisher Light Bank.

Nope, I'm not listing inventory at Samy's camera.

This is just some of the gear car photographer/director, Brian Garland, recently worked with on his shoot for the 2017 Infiniti Q60. A couple behind the scenes photos reveal the complex set-up required to bring a project like this to life.

We asked Brian what his secret is to putting together a seamless photoshoot of this size.

"Shooting with an awesome team is vital. I've worked with my producer for over 15 years and have a handful of other incredibly talented people on my team.

To make this project run smoothly, I pre-visualized how the camera moves were going to happen. Using my iPhone and a miniature Red Ferrari as a stand in, I ran through the moves the way I saw it happening from the creative director's storyboards!

I learned that I truly love directing video in large-scale, whether studio or running footage, it is all a crazy good time!"

See some behind the scenes photos from this production: