Drones are the new ‘It’ technology in photography. Never one to shy away from innovation, Paul Barshon has incorporated them into his work- taking it to the next level. We asked him a few questions about this new approach.

How did you get into Drones?

I’m a bit of a tech-loving photographer so when drones became commercially viable, it felt natural that I should add this to my repertoire.  

What is the biggest challenge with drone work?

For me the biggest challenge is the legal and permit side of flying.  The FAA permit is one thing, but as the laws regarding drones are all quite new, lots of location and permit offices have different requirements. Some even have you do a separate test according to the state that you’re shooting in. I’m sure that this will change over time.

What do you love about Drone work?

I love the angles that you can achieve with a drone.  It all still feels quite new because as humans, we never see the world directly beneath us from 20 meters above the ground.  They add a great emotional feel to films and give us the ability to cut-away to stunning views.

Check out Paul's Drone reel here: