SternRep welcomes Jenavieve Belair to our team as she brings her passion for real life, with a mix of fashion and portraiture.

Jenavieve told us her favorite camera is "My Mamiya rz67. Medium format film is my first love." That love of film is evident in all her work, as is her love for people. As she told us, if she wasn't a photographer, she'd "be a holistic nutrition coach or a nurse," and that she's "always wanted to do something helping people." Her free time is spent with her family, hiking, cooking, in her garden, and doing yoga. "If I can share the moments I capture with people, if even with just one person, then I've done right by this life."

Originally from a small town in Minnesota, Jenavieve cultivated her career in California documenting the surf community in Costa Mesa, and that "led its way naturally into fashion." 

We're so stoked to have her on our team. Get ready to see A LOT more!



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