SternRep is now representing Los Angeles-based lifestyle photographer Alexa MillerAlexa specializes in all lifestyle photography, whether it's a couple enjoying an adventure in the gorgeous scenery or capturing a moment of a woman's hand placing zen rocks with an artistic vibe. Alexa works with clients inside offices, outdoors, in beautiful homes, and in the studio. 

The consistent theme with Alexa's images is the power of being alive and connecting to every inspirational scenario the talent is experiencing. We watch her images come to life, allowing us to be a part of the moment as if we are there. Whether it's hospitality, fashion or apparel, or interiors, you will notice the highly styled wardrobe mixed with the simple moments filled with a zest for life. Human elements are in every one of her images, no matter what type of client. 

Alexa’s client list includes Delta, Kellogg's, Canon, Columbia, Salomon, Nick Fouquet, California Tourism, Liverpool Denim, 9 Seed, Elle, Seventeen, Shape, and more.

We asked Alexa to answer a few fun questions and share a little more about the woman behind the camera…

SternRep: Where did you grow up?

Alexa: I grew up in Arlington, VA (right outside Washington DC).

SR: Where do you live now?

Alexa: Currently I live with my husband in Ojai, CA.

SR: Can you tell us about a recent job that really resonated for you, and why?

Alexa: I just did a swim campaign in Miami and while I was shooting according to plan, we were also roaming around the beaches of Florida and I was so inspired by the plants, the water, the shapes of nature all around.  It was amazing to combine collaborating with a client while at the same time, shooting behind the scenes and personal work.  It was the best of two worlds.

SR: What would you do if you weren’t a photographer?

Alexa: I would have a plant nursery and run an animal rehabilitation center!

SR: Do you have any hobbies?

Alexa: Surfing, gardening, meditating, and writing. 

SR: We’re all animal lovers here, so we have to know- do you have any pets?

Alexa: Hendrix the hound, Jasper the "bossy aussie", Lefty my spirit cat, and Thunderpaws aka grumpy-cat.

We are thrilled to have Alexa on the SternRep roster of artists!  Everything that she shoots- indoors or outdoors- has that kissed by the sun feeling to it.  Her work is active, alive, packed with life! Alexa is always looking to find beauty all around, and you absolutely feel that in her amazing lifestyle photography. 


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