Commercial Advertising Food Photographer Vinnie Finn has revealed his new 'client project' website. Vinnie photographs for the branding of each client - he adapts his lighting style based on each client's unique look and brand. He is a food photographer with design skills covering soft and diffused lighting, dramatic, moody, or real natural lighting feel. Vinnie Finn's background as an ad agency art director insightfully guides the needs of every food campaign.

From the very beginning, the home page greats you with tantalizing images of flavorful food to tempt your taste buds. The saturated photos of pizzas and pasta almost jump off the screen to entice every kind of foodie to interact with the images. Clicking on each image leads to exciting projects for clients like Pizza Hut, Applebee’sKitchenAid, and more. 

With the new updates come new exciting categories for Food Photographer Vinnie Finn's work.

His food repertoire is now beautifully split into hard light and soft light. These two sections really demonstrate the diverse range of Vinnie’s skills across different lighting setups.

   Hard Light / Soft Light on

The hard light offers a gritty more vibrant contrast to intrigue the viewer. He effectively uses shadows to further fill his images with the best kind of drama. This rich color palette adds to the detail of each image and brings the taste to the forefront.

Likewise, the soft light photographs present a sweet morning-like feel as warm colors create an almost cozy setting. The gentle tones invite the viewer to experience the mouth-watering meal unfolding before them on the screen. These clean, crisp images fill the frames with color as light dances across the many different types of food.

Speaking of dancing, Vinnie’s new collection of motion work quite literally shows foods like carrots and blueberries dancing across the screen. Or how about seeing butter melt on a waffle? Sounds tantalizing, doesn’t it? You bet it is! Seeing his images move around the scene in stop-motion fashion truly brings his work to life. This page features a collection of GIFs, cinema graphs, and other mouth-watering motion videos. 

Another exciting facet of his site is the feature of his stunning Los Angeles food photography studio space.

With lots of natural light, a full kitchen, studio equipment, and more this is both a chef's and a food photographer’s dream space. With such incredible resources at his fingertips, Vinnie is able to welcome large-scale teams and clients directly into his workspace. He also rents this space to other photographers so if you’re looking to capture your next cuisine creation be sure to check out This Los Angeles food photography studio rental is a real treat!

To top off an already great website, Vinnie Finn’s About page gives a look (literally) at the man behind the camera. His great headshot really gives a sense of the awesome energy he brings to a shoot. Whether it be pasta and pizza or smoothies and salads, this Los Angeles food photographer does a beautiful job of capturing the best of food. Not to mention he has a beverage photography section too! Hint: it includes coffee…

Vinnie's new commercial food photography site really does invite us to delight in the beauty of diverse cuisines, beverages, and recipes. It’s almost like we can taste it through the photos. Don’t believe us? Then check out his website for yourself!